We hit the $150 milestone!
Hi everyone (including our newest supporters!),

   We've officially hit the $150, and that means I'll be doing a monthly podcast now! I'll also be hosting all the Useless Podcasts in the same place I host the Patreon podcasts, and both will be available via iTunes.

   Because it's already so late in the month, I'll released the first episode of the podcast some time in July -- but I'm going to get started on finding hosting and/or guests right away.

  I just want to thank everyone again for supporting me. We're already ahead of where I thought we'd be at the end of one month, and that's awesome! More than that, though, it's really touching to see that people actually care about what I'm doing and want to help me do it. 

  So thank you all so much. I'm looking forward to making more things!

~ MIke

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