We Just Hit $10000! Let Us Fill You in on the Future of the Talking Simpsons Patreon!

Hey folks! We're absolutely ecstatic that we hit $10000 on the Talking Simpsons Patreon today! Going into this project, we honestly didn't know how well we'd do, but thankfully our listeners really showed their generosity. Thank you all SO MUCH for helping all of our podcast-related dreams come true!

That said, we've decided to update a few of the Patreon tiers. Nothing is going away, but some stuff needed to be reworded in order to give you a better idea of our content plan for the future. And this is all great news for you, since we're essentially announcing the possibility of new content in this post! So, to break down the tiers:

$4000 - Previously, this goal was meant to unlock Talking Critic alone. We've decided to expand upon this tier, so now the new reward is one new mini-series per year (which we're currently doing in 2018 with Talking Futurama). In case you need a refresher, these mini-series cover one season of a single show (or the complete run of a shorter show like the Critic), and have a defined end point so we're not working on three research-and-production-heavy podcasts for all 52 weeks of the year.

$8000 - This is the goal which unlocked What A Cartoon!, and that won't be changing in any way.

$11000 - This tier will unlock a second mini-series per year, which will likely launch in late summer/early fall. Not to be too optimistic, but at this point it seems like we'll definitely hit this goal before then, so you should have a new mini-series to enjoy a few months after Talking Futurama ends.

$13000 - When we hit this goal, we'll start producing monthly and Patreon-exclusive What A Cartoon! podcasts about animated movies. Since these require a lot more time and effort than a normal What A Cartoon!, we'll only have the bandwidth to produce one a month, but it'll give us the chance to produce longer-form content in the What A Cartoon! format.

$15000 - We'll do a third mini-series per year! That's a lot for us to take on, but at this point we should have the funds to hire a few outside people to help with production. And more importantly you'll likely have (at least) three new podcasts a week from us all year!

That's basically everything. We wanted to be up front with all of our Patrons about these changes, so rest assured that this is good news for everyone. None of our current programming is going anywhere, and hitting this five-figure goal means we now have new shows to look forward to over the horizon. (And we hope you're looking forward to them, too!) 

Again, thanks so much for all of your support! When we started this thing, $8000 was our pie-in-the-sky goal, so we're so thrilled that we've already hit $10000 in less than a year! The future is looking great for us, and we hope you stick with us for all the great stuff we have planned for the years to come.

  • Henry and Bob
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