We like to party
Do you?

November is the sixth month we've been publishing original short comics at VengefulGhost.com.  To celebrate and encourage folks to give our stories a try, we're going to be doing a bunch of special events throughout November. Check out details here: link

Some of that is happening on Patreon! For the month of November, all patron pledges will act as if they were one tier higher. Sign up for $1/page? Get the $2 reward! Chip in $4 per page? Flaunt it like a $10 patron with producer credit and a guaranteed cameo appearance in upcoming Vengeful Ghost comics.

That also means that the $1 pledges rewards are free! To give everyone a taste of that ritzy patron lifestyle, during November all Vengeful Ghost pages will be published here, on Patreon, at least one day early and totally free. Check it!

And find us on Facebook or over at the blog for more about our November celebrations!

Photo by Elizabeth Ashley Jerman via flickr.com