Hey friends! Last week we reached the first Patreon milestone. HOORAY! This means more online streaming shows for your faces. I've scheduled the first one over at StageIt.com for Sunday Jan. 24th, 9pm EST. They are always pay-what-you-can, and top tippers win prizes like albums, t-shirts, or a cat toy. (https://www.stageit.com/sarah_donner/i_ll_sing_songs_you_ll_wear_the_pants/52709) It's a fun low key good time, and you don't have to wear a bra! 

Thanks for helping me reach the $300 mark. I'm saving up for a brand new electric piano so I can do fancy things like arpeggiate and sequence. When I actually get it, I will learn what those things mean. My old piano is from 2003, and while it works ok the E4 key is sticky because I'm pretty sure Ni pranced on it and cat litter got in there.  

Next week I'm releasing a new Covered With Kittens with a song from the Broadway show Hamilton! Thank you for being on my team and helping me make the things I want to make. You are the best.