We Made It!!!!!
Our third milestone, holy moly!!! I've expressed my enthusiastic excitement as well as my timid terror about sharing the songs of my youth with y'all, and that definitely still stands. Especially now that I've done some research and actually started pulling it up from the dregs. Yikes!!!

I really dove in head first. I learned guitar by writing my own songs not by learning anyone else's. As in love - and obsessed - with Ani DiFranco as I was I never learned a single one of her songs. I still haven't! I find this to be really weird now, but it's just how I rolled, and in many ways still roll.

The songs I'm finding from my teenage years are generally one of two kinds: overdramatic love songs and angsty folk punk. Both are equally embarrassing, trust me! Some of these punk songs are non-explicit and some of them.....well....are very much the opposite. 

I've learned from experience that even my most potentially offensive lyrics aren't that bad but I'm still pretty sensitive to it, and DO NOT want to scare you off....

SO, what I've decided to do is post two files of content each month. One will be safe for all ears and one will be the stuff that I know many of you are counting on! If you want 'em both they'll be there. If you want to avoid potentially having your image of me totally blown by language and subject matter that polite company has not heard from my mouth in a good long time then avoid avoid avoid! 

I'm surely being over sensitive. You'll probably be disappointed by the tameness at this point!!! But just in case. I will come up with an official disclaimer, an Enter at Your Own Risk warning, a "you can't hold this against me!" plea :)

All that said, THANK YOU SO MUCH for getting us here, for your continued support, for being the best gosh darn songbirds a gal could ever hope for. 



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