We made our mic goal!
Argh, y'all rock so much. Thanks to your donations, we were able to pick up a new travel mic, which we used in our latest episode!

Also, another special thank you to the Revision Path podcast! They donated a mic to us on their behalf. Now we have 3 travel mics which will allow us to do onsite interviews with 1 guest, perhaps even traveling onsite? Let's hope!

Now that we have a new travel mic, we have a new goal....drum roll please.....a portable recorder!

We have our eyes on the Zoom H6, a handy little 4 track recorder that works exactly for our needs. The cost is $399. We are hoping to pick this one up by next year, so any help to make our podcast a lot more mobile will be so appreciated <3

Make sure to tell your friends or folks you think might be interested in our little project, and thank you again for your consistent support. Seriously, it makes Cher and I smile everyday.

Be on the lookout for more updates!

xoxo - James.