We Need Clips for Next Week's Group Stream

Hi everyone--

  Next week is a special week, so we're doing three special streams -- a goofy stream in which we watch clips of ourselves during our regular group stream time on the 19th, an 8-hour 3rd anniversary marathon on the 21st, and of course the Mysterious Monster Mash on the 23rd.

  For that goofy group stream, we need your help in picking your favorite Easy Allies clips from the past three years (it's weird if we pick themselves). Please submit only one clip because this could get nuts.

To submit a clip: go to youtube.com/easyallies or youtube.com/easyalliesplays, get to your favorite moment, and right click (or command click) to "Copy video URL at current time". Then, paste it into this convenient google form:

As the form says, we'll only play 60 seconds of each clip, so try to drop us right into the good stuff.

Thanks for helping out!

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