We now have the RPG Bus! (Wheelchair Accesible)
The #Wheelchair accessible #RpgBus is here! Added to the #RpgTrailer "fleet". #RpgResearch Providing role-playing games, ( #Rpg ) #TherapeuticRecreation / #RecreationTherapy and music to people in un-served and under-served locations! http://bit.ly/2wWXPWr Fully functional wheelchair lift. Support us today! http://www.gofundme.com/rpgtrailer http://www.patreon.com/rpgresearch  Happy Gaming! http://www.rpgresearch.com http://www.rpgtrailer.com http://www.rpgbus.com

This is a major fixer-upper, but my youngest son is excited to help with the cleanup, repairs, overhauls, etc. Again, a LOT of work, but it runs and the wheelchair lift is fully operational. We drove it from the seller, up on top of Five Mile Prairie (a steep hill for a sustained duration), to take the shots, and then down the other side to my house.  We'll be sharing updates on the clean up and restoration on the RPG Bus website: http://www.rpgbus.com 

FYI, I used my own funds to purchase this. I took up some tech contracts to whip up the funds necessary. Your funds are still going into the RPG Research & RPG Trailer savings accounts to be used to fund projects like the MDA camp and similar projects. Thank you for your support! When the bus is up and running, then your support will help cover gas and such for such programs like the MDA RPG programs we did this summer.

When it is fully up and running, combined with the RPG trailer, it means TWO mobile facilities on the road!