We reached the $100 milestone! :D
We reached the $100 milestone and that is totally amazing!!
I want to thank you all for your support! It really means a lot to me and it helps me, so I can keep continue doing YouTube and making videos for you all !!

In this milestone/goal I said I would look into streaming, I will do that as soon as we are moved. We want to move and in the new house I will get myself an new desk where I can place at least 2 monitors on. That way I can play the game on 1 monitor and read the chat of the stream on the other.

On my current desk I only have room for 1 screen because right next to the screen are stands for games and other stuff. Those stands are part of the desk and I can't remove that.

So yea I will stream in the future. We don't have a new house yet, we hope to have one before this summer (July 2017). Hopefully sooner!