We reached our 500 Followers goal!
The good ol' days, the good ol' days: eeeeeeverybody's talkin' about the good ol' days! Well let me tell you about the good old days... 

Over these past 10 months, the stream has gone through a lot of changes, and we've played a lot of games, but OG's like @Overlord Steve , @ebof_gaming , @NydusTemplar and @Souptastick remember that we started off by marathon'ing blind playthroughs of Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls III. The idea of streaming anything other than Dark Souls seemed strange, but we branched out over time, and now we've done a ton of longplays and shortplays across many eras and genres!

As a way to celebrate this huge milestone for the channel, we're rolling back the clock and going back to where it all started -- or, to be more accurate, back before it all started!

Since we reached our goal of 500 Followers, the next longplay after Final Fantasy Tactics is going to be a blind playthrough of 2009's Demon's Souls! Finally, we'll be back to crawling through strange castles and holding L1 for our lives, but now we're a half-thousand strong!

Thank you for supporting the channel for all these months, guys. I started streaming without much of a plan, but there's so much that I want to accomplish, now, and you all have been incredibly generous with your time, companionship, and patronage, as a way to make our channel into something special. In the next few months, I want to 'wow' you guys with what I'm able to do with your support; I want to make you all proud that you've stuck with the channel and helped us grow! Stay tuned for new types of shows, new types of games, more events and cool features that I think will set us apart from other streams while keeping the core of the channel intact.

Until then, let's dive back into the abyss and tessaiga some shady-ass winners for the first time, all over again! B-)

I'll see you guys in the next one!