We reached our 725 Follower Goal! Kirby Super Star Netplay Returns on Friday, 06/15 !
We're getting there, guys! We're well-into the 700's, now, at least in terms of Followers. Let's see how many we lose when we bore everybody to tears with Monopoly, this Friday! Thankfully, the FOLLOWING Friday (June 15th), we're going to be doing something much more fun: to celebrate us hitting our goal, we're returning to clean up the mess we left in Kirby Super Star by 100%'ing Milky Way Wishes using RetroArch netplay!  Who's in? @MexiNStuff ? @Reeeebecca ? Other fanatical Kirby lovers? I'm gonna need back-up!

Our next goal is for 750 Followers: HAYABUSA! There have been a small handful of games that we've started on-stream and never finished, and Ninja Gaiden 2 (NES) is one of them. Back before I was a streamer and I was first getting really into 8-bit games, it took me weeks to complete the first Ninja Gaiden game, but only a few attempts to beat the sequel. I thought it'd be easy to beat it on-stream, but I could never do it and the failures were making me super salty! ToT Once we get halfway through the 700's, we're gonna go back and put this one to rest, come Hell or high water!

The channel's growing really fast, guys. In some ways, it isn't growing fast enough -- and, in other ways, sometimes I'm afraid it's growing too much. Bear with me; I'm doing my best to bring everything together! I appreciate you guys' support more than you'll ever know.