We reached our First Milestone!
"Whoo! The lights will stay on!... wait, why are they flickering? And what's that dark figure beneath them doing there?"

We here at Al Dente Rigamortis would like to thank you, our Patrons, for supporting us in our endeavors to discuss those internet stories Most Creepy and Most Pasta and make it entertaining for listeners like yourselves.

Since we've reach the first Milestone, I've decided to announce the next few. If we reach $100 a month, not only will we continue to produce our show (which we'd do anyway) and keep the lights on, we will also start creating a monthly comic. This comic strip will be co-written by Mik.E (The E Stands for Evil) and Review Cultist based on Mik.E's quote inspired writing project, and will be drawn by Review Cultist using the same cartoon styling as the Title cards. The Pending name for these comics is "Mik.E's Cree.P's - The P stands for Pasta" and will involve capturing those creepypasta moments, while having a silly connecting strings of misadventure.

Now at the $200 goal, if reached, we can acquire a back-up audio recorder for use both in the event the main unit goes down and to have a secondary for general use.  money from $100 goal will go toward this fund, but at the $200 dollar goal we'll have a solidified means of maintaining the show's equipment.

Again thank you all for your continued support of us, look forward to more cool stuff here on the Patreon and as always on the main show.

Sleep Well.

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