We skipped shows, but now we're back with more
And by "more" I mean just that: MOAR ShEvo for you! We've decided to kick out shows not only on Tuesday, but when we have something good to share. In theory, that means more shows from us, which you hopefully love. Some, like the two I'm posting now go to everyone at the same time. But our regularly scheduled show on Tuesday? Patrons still get that 24 hours early.

Here are the shows we didn't post on Patreon, and now are making up for lost time:

The Panda Plague That Wasn’t

Waterfall, Falling Water, Or Just Wet?

All Your Translations Are Belong To Us

Now... I'm not good at counting. But that looks like three shows in one update, which accounts for our failings in prior weeks. Have a listen, and thanks for your continued support!