we walk the dirt sea: Workflow Wednesday
gyema before and after

I guess I'm going to start picking random Wednesdays and calling them Workflow Wednesday. Posts where I'll try to be more coherent about how I work and the decisions that go into what I do. Not that my process is so glamorous or anything...

So. Last year, I decided to hunker down and learn how to draw human anatomy for real. Somehow, I ended up with a sketchbook full of little monsters. I got so attached to them, they became the people of the dirt sea.

I used the pastel brushes from this Character Designer Toolkit (I got it on sale) to convert the people of the dirt sea to Photoshop using a deep dark, blackish purple.

As you can see above, I recently went over the original conversion sketch to create a more polished version. This character, who you have not yet met, is named gyema.

These days, I draw with a Logitech wireless mouse. Back in the days when I had money, I bought a Wacom drawing tablet, and one of these days I'm going to start using it regularly. Working simultaneously with a mouse, tablet, keyboard, and trackpad is just kind of weird for me as of now.

Hm. I know I've mentioned some of these things in previous posts, but I'd like future updates to be more cohesive.