We want all children to have a chance to play like that
If you ever learnt to play the violin, or your child is, you know it is a demanding task requiring huge effort from you, your child and your teacher. You need all possible help and that is why Violinwiki was created.

The latest Violinwiki project is the Violin etude thesaurus, the teaching videos of violin etudes from "Dancla to Fiorillo".

There is roughly a thousand of #violin etudes, and each of them concentrates on one particular problem in violin learning. By mastering a particular #etude, you master a particular #violin #technique and progress a little in your violin learning.

For as little as $ 1 a month ($ 12 a year) you may substantially help in Violinwiki growth, your Violinwiki patronage may help to create another teaching video, another step for the violin learners on their violin journey.