We Welcome the Sun
I started working on this the other day, to welcome the Summer Solstice, but somehow, didn't manage to finish it until this morning. Since it's generally summer where I live long before the solstice arrives, it always sort of sneaks up on me, and feels a little anticlimactic.

Today, I think I'm working on some booklaces that say VEGAN, to send to the next Art of Compassion Project event, and the one after that, and to put in my Etsy shop. I wish I could fit COMPASSION on a few, but the space is so tiny that the font would have to be almost unreadable. I'm going to print some off, and see how horrible it looks.

Tomorrow, I'll probably jump back to working on the last set of mini journal pages, so I can finish off those books. I've been doing four of each, but only need two for the Kickstarter project, so maybe one to keep, and one for my Etsy shop.