We were featured in the Atlantic recently for our support of Arcade City!
We were featured in the Atlantic for hosting Arcade City meetups.  Arcade City is a decentralized ride sharing movement that is currently operating in Austin, TX in defiance of Austin City Regulations.  There is a need for safe and sober ride and there is a strong community filling that need.  More power to em!

"At a soft-launch event, drivers and passengers crammed into Brave New Books, a local activist bookstore, where they heralded the app’s decentralized model and discussed how to handle possible run-ins with police. Unlike other ridesharing apps operating as transportation network companies (or TNCs), Arcade City considers itself a decentralized autonomous organization, explains its regional director, Eric Green. “The whole thing for the rider is they can choose who they want to drive,” he says, referring to Arcade City’s system of optional fingerprinting and background checks. “It’s about freedom of choice.”"

Read about it here: http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2016/06/a-world-without-uber/487331/

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