Web App Security Class with Ms. Sunny Wear!
Hello! if you are here to sign up for the class, you can join up to attend by pledging at the $20 USD level. 

If you are unable to join the class at the 7pm Eastern timeframe, do not despair! I will be posting the videos from the web sessions to everyone in the $9 USD Level, so sign up for that session and you'll have almost immediate access to those.

We will also have a #webapp channel on our Slack, which is available for additional questions before/during/after the class sessions. You can signup for our Slack at https://brakesec.signup.team.

When the class is over, the videos will be available for free a week after, so if you cannot attend or pay for the videos, they will be available eventually. And the slack channel will probably be around to discuss web application security topics for the future