Webcomic Alliance Podcast-iversary!

Last month I celebrated my first full year as a co-host on the Webcomic Alliance podcast! I've had such a fun time hanging out with Robin, Dawn, Chris, Liz and Byron on this great podcast and learning from them, and hope to do so for many more episodes!  Here's a few of my favorite episodes from my first year on the show:  

WA Podcast 95 – Patreon Posts and Routines What to post?  How often?  What works, what doesn’t?  How can I build a routine?  What ways can I engage my readership?  How do I make the experience special for Patrons? 

WA Podcast 97 – BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS When is the right time to make a book?  What complications arise when you create more than one?  What are the pros and cons to different approaches, such as Print-On-Demand vs offset printing? 

WA Podcast 103 – Hosting Pros and Cons What are the advantages and disadvantages to self hosting verses using a service like Tumblr, Facebook, or a comic community like Tapastic? 

WA Podcast 105 – Website Design   What should be a part of your webcomic website?  What gets top priority when you’re designing it? 

WA Podcast 108 – Booth Design Booth Design! You’ve made it to the show, you’ve got your product, now how do you catch those convention eyeballs and get customers to stop?  Where do you start?  How do you make it cohesive, even if you have multiple products or stories on one table? 

WA Podcast 112 – Long-form TAKE-OVER It seems like when people say, “webcomics” they often mean, “the funny strips,” ignoring all the amazing creators making sequential stories.  While there’s a lot of cross-over between these two types of comics, there are also some key differences.  What does a creator need to keep in mind when starting their first long-form story? 

WA Podcast 115 – RETURN of the LONG-FORM TAKEOVER What’s a good way to deal with a text/plot heavy section of your script in a visual format? The longform ladies discuss!

WA Podcast 117 – Online Stores If you want to sell online, what are your options for a storefront?  How do you leverage the unique advantages of internet commerce?  We share our experiences with various platforms and discuss best-practices for selling products.

WA Podcast 121 – Scripting Styles & Techniques How do you create comic scripts? A chat about scripting styles and techniques for comics. 

If you like this content and want to support our group, we have some very exciting news coming up about a Webcomic Alliance Kickstarter to make some important improvements.  Stay tuned!

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