Webcomics and Updates
Hey everyone, Happy Friday! Hope you all are having a wonderful week.

As mentioned in the video, we had a great time at Alamo City Comic Con last weekend, and now we're ready to rest until 2017 as far as con season goes. But not as far as LEP goes!

We are looking to start pushing EEK! Li'l Monsters as a webcomic soon, and we're very excited about it! You all are familiar with the Universal Monsters (Frankenstein, Dracula, etc.), and soon you'll be even more familiar with our versions of them in Frankie, Vlad, Gilly, Chaney, Bethany, and more!

Here's a snippet of art from an upcoming postcard featuring the EEK! gang. You can find the full version and much more by becoming a Patron at the $5 level or more. 

We'll continue to share art and videos here and there in these public posts from here on out (thanks to those that suggested that!). We'll keep you updated on all our current projects.

Speaking of, here's a little snippet from our next project, Celestial Falcon #1!

Not much else to say that wasn't in the video. We're recharging from the con and then it's back to work as usual!

In case you haven't watched the video, stay tuned here and on our social media for updates as to when you can see live inking, flatting, coloring or lettering of LEP books on Chris' Dark Avenger Live show on Comic Frontline!

Until next time, stay toasty!

- Brant