Website is almost ready!
Hey there you guys~! I know, I've been away for too long! However, I have been productive! I've almost finished editing my last video (yes, skull examination) but, I also wanted to inform you that the website I've been making for all my downloadable content is almost ready! 

So here's how it'll work! 

I'll upload all of my work to this website, and depending on your reward status, you'll be given a password to an mp3/video page where you can direct download all of the audio/video you want! This is primarily for the five and ten dollar reward, as I'll most likely add the 1 dollar reward audio files to my patreon feed with a download link for convenience. However, I thought it was be a major pain to try to look for downloadable content later on (since I post pretty frequently on my patreon feed, and I don't like the scroll method patreon uses) so I thought a searchable website would be nice~! 

I've tried to think of the most convenient way possible for people to claim their rewards... does this work for you? Any other suggestions or ideas? Comments?

You guys get to check it out early~!

Ps. I bought my new microphone~!!!!!!! ☆ 

I wish I could kiss and hug ever single one of you!!!