Website remodeling update [News: March 25th, 2018]
Greetings, neighbors! March is coming to an end and the next update is coming soon but there's a problem. Because of time restraints due to homework, I will only remodel the Modern Age entries and finish the artwork for the new Oneiroling. 

The Discovered by Other's page design are going to be the same until May. By then, I might have a chance in adding one or two more entries. 

This week, a poll is available for patrons who pledged $3 or over. If it doesn't get any attention, it will become public on Twitter. 

I would like to hear your thoughts on how should I improve the rewards system on Patreon. So far, I'm having an idea of making polls public but only time will tell. 

There are no new patrons this week, but hopefully, that will change for  the better! The new goal is to extend Discovered by Others once ISB's Patreon page gets a total of 15 people.

That's it for this week's news. For anyone seen and unseen, I'll see you next time!