Website update ( )
Hi patrons! I spent last days investing time to prepare the switch to 2016 with first a big work over the datas created in 2015. It means not a fun work: cleaning and maintenance. My website/blog had more than 300 articles, 400MB of images and 4000 comments and a lot of datas were too old or outdated. It was necessary to create an 'archive category' and cleaning articles in easier categories. 

Now everything is done and clean. I also made a new theme to contain all the new categories. With this new website layout, I was able to port a big part of the bonus created for my patrons 'heros' ( thank you for supporting the creation of bonus and extras!) to the website. It should be now easier if you want to read again, share or discover this bonus. I hope you'll like it and find it easy to browse ! Thanks again for your support.

Website update :

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