NO LONGER NEEDED: Wedding Stories Fixes Mod V1.04 - Take Control!


Maxis fixed a lot of the bugs this mod addressed, and while a few fixes might be needed it should no longer be installed. I did not want to remove the post entirely because it would create more confusion.

V1.04 - Improvements:

  • Sims are better about going down the aisle in pairs.
  • Lone Sims can carry the bouquet down the aisle.
  • Couples will more reliably wear formal when starting the situation.

V1.031 - Bugfixes:

  • Fixed issues where sending 2 sims down aisle will not work
  • Reduced likelihood of Sim being stuck seated and not following commands.
  • Made said Sims more likely to take their seats afterward.

V1.03 - Outfits Fixed!

  • I just fixed the dress codes for weddings. Polished in red or Boho in black .Your choice!

V1.02 - BugFixes and Improvements:

  • Officiant often will come join your Sims, and may even give a speech! It's best to get Sims close to the arch before doing this. Officiants are idiots by design.
  • A massive EA bug has been fixed, preventing Sims from using AI during the new weddings. A colossal oversight. Sims change roles much better. Because I forced them to. This means they will be less boring.
  • Sims can be told to dance and various other activities with these improvements.
  • Further bugfixes and improvements in the code in general.
  • Bouquet and other fixes coming soon.

V1.012 - BugFixes and Improvements:

  • Restored original base game weddings, even when you own this pack.
  • Allows those weddings to take place on the new Wedding Venue lot type.
  • Fixes first dance not completing correctly & associated sentiments

---- Original Post  ----

I was given early access to The Sims 4 Wedding Stories, but it was in a very incomplete state. This meant I couldn't review it, so I did something a bit unorthodox with my time and worked on correcting what I saw as issues within the pack. In particular, weddings themselves. When the pack is built around weddings and in particular a wedding that is reliant on player control over which phases are active, it's important that Sims be snappy about doing what the player wants. 

Maxis fixed a bunch of bugs in the pack on release day, but my fixes were still relevant so here they are...

Right now Sims get stuck in conversation and will not do as they are told. Gathering for toasts does nothing for me. Even if I can get Sims to gather around, the others are busy doing other things and not paying attention.

This mod fixes this by forcibly telling the Sims what to do. It compels them to gather for toasts or around the dance floor for first dance. It cancels things that get in the way, making them respond quickly to your commands and cuts down chatter before the wedding.

This is about all this pack needed to improve the flow of weddings, though they are still fairly shallow events on their own. I have not reviewed the pack in its final state, but if you jump in for the world you may enjoy having this to help the Sims do as they're told.

I have tried to make this as compatible as I can. It only uses 2 xml files from the pack and does everything else through scripting. Other modders will make neat wedding features and fixes and I want the majority to be compatible. Please download both files and ENSURE SCRIPT MODS are turned on in game settings > other.

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