Wednesday motivation
It's not about winning, it's about accomplishing your goals

It's not about getting rid of fear, it's about to overcome and work with it

It's not about getting rich of money, but of experience

It's not about being better than others, but to feel good about yourself

Go at your own pace, have patience, and practice every day.
Remind yourself of the good times when experiencing a downer, and know that anytime, whether good or bad will pass. All you have to do is to hang on and wait till downers pass.

Embrace your feelings. Everything you feel arises from your subconscious programming that you've experienced in the past. If you want to accomplish your dreams and get what you strive for, you will have to overcome yourself.

You will have to change your self talk and beliefs about yourself.

It doesn't matter how hard it get and how healthy you feel. As long as you stand up and keep moving, having faith in yourself, you will eventually get where you want.