Wednesday, January 3, 2018 - The Howard Stern Show
Details for today's show are up now on Here's what I covered today:

Remembering Lou Adler. 01/03/18. 7:00am

Weird Benjy. 01/03/18. 7:35am

Memet's Dating Advice Shot Down. 01/03/18. 7:45am

Jeff The Drunk Calls In. 01/03/18. 7:50am

More Jeff The Drunk. 01/03/18. 8:00am

Benjy's 2017 Year In Review. 01/03/18. 8:10am

Hoda Kotb's New Job. 01/03/18. 8:40am

New Phony Phone Call And Anti-Semitism Talk. 01/03/18. 8:50am

Wendy The Slow Adult Complains About Money. 01/03/18. 9:20am

Wack Pack 2017 Year In Review. 01/03/18. 9:35am

Bobo And Ronnie To Race Cars In 2018. 01/03/18. 9:55am

High Pitch Erik Calls In. 01/03/18. 10:10am

Robin's News. 01/03/18. 10:25am