Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - The Howard Stern Show
My rundown of this Howard Stern Show are posted on Here's what I covered today: America's Got Talent Discussions. 04/02/14. 6:00am Howard Hates Social Media. 04/02/14. 6:30am Howie Mandel Visits. 04/02/14. 6:50am Nick Cannon Visits. 04/02/14. 8:00am Howard Takes Some Calls. 04/02/14. 9:15am Robin's News. 04/02/14. 9:30am Wrap Up Show - Scott The Engineer. 04/02/14. 10:25am Wrap Up Show - Ronnie's TV Deal. 04/02/14. 10:45am Wrap Up Show - Howie Mandel. 04/02/14. 11:05am