Wednesday, June 10, 2015 - The Howard Stern Show
Details for today's show are posted on Here's what I covered today: 

Howard Contemplating His Future. 06/10/15. 7:00am

Sal And Richard's Bit And Sour Shoes As Mad Dog Russo. 06/10/15. 7:10am

Dueling Garys With Sour Shoes And Gary Dell'Abate. 06/10/15. 7:25am

Mick The Nerd Clips And Some Calls. 06/10/15. 7:35am

Phony Phone Call Mania. 06/10/15. 7:45am

Colin Quinn Visits. 06/10/15. 8:00am

Mark Harris Songs Return. 06/10/15. 9:00am

JD's Beef Of The Week And Other Clips. 06/10/15. 9:15am

Howard Takes Some Calls. 06/10/15. 9:30am

Katy Perry And Taylor Swift Feud. 06/10/15. 9:45am

Robin's News. 06/10/15. 10:05am

Wrap Up Show - What You Need To Know. 06/10/15. 11:05am

Wrap Up Show - Sherrod Small Sits In. 06/10/15. 11:10am

Wrap Up Show - Colin Quinn And More. 06/10/15. 11:30am