Wednesday, June 8, 2016 - The Howard Stern Show
Details for today's show are up now at Here's what I covered today: 

Muhammad Ali, The Bachelorette And More. 06/08/16. 7:00am

Homeless Lady Vs. Jennifer Lopez Song. 06/08/16. 7:15am

Phone Calls, Soupy Sales, Robin's Checkup And More. 06/08/16. 7:30am

Getting To Know Tommy From Malden. 06/08/16. 7:40am

Phone Calls, Audio Clips And More. 06/08/16. 8:05am

Benjy's Press Conference Interruption Anniversary. 06/08/16. 8:35am

Top 5 Songs. 06/08/16. 8:40am

Medicated Pete Can't Hang Up. 06/08/16. 8:50am

Rachel Butera Visits. 06/08/16. 9:00am

Howard's Playlist. 06/08/16. 9:35am

Howard Takes Some Calls And Plays Some Audio Clips. 06/08/16. 9:50am

Robin's News. 06/08/16. 10:10am

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