Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - The Howard Stern Show
Details for today's Howard Stern Show are up now at Here's what I covered today: Nick Cannon's Hot Girlfriend And The Mars 100. 03/18/15. 7:00am Bobo's Very Important Question. 03/18/15. 7:05am Malcolm The Dolphin Lover Calls In. 03/18/15. 7:20am New Bits, Staff Last Meal Requests And More. 03/18/15. 8:00am Hanzi Wants Wrestlemania Tickets. 03/18/15. 8:10am Howard Takes Some Calls. 03/18/15. 8:20am Clips. 03/18/15. 8:45am Wolfie Interviews And More. 03/18/15. 9:05am Greatest Wack Packer Of All Time Brackets. 03/18/15. 9:25am Wack Pack Bracket Winner Beetlejuice Calls In. 03/18/15. 10:15am Robin's News. 03/18/15. 10:25am Wrap Up Show - Ralphie May Sits In. 03/18/15. 11:15am Wrap Up Show - Greatest Wack Packer Discussions. 03/18/15. 11:25am Wrap Up Show - Dolphin Lover And More Wack Pack. 03/18/15. 11:40am