Wee Paintings Update
Happy Friday!   Here are a couple of quick updates.
The first one I'm calling Venti Squirrel (4x5").  It's a chubby squirrel enjoying his first almond milk pumpkin spice latte of the season. Squirrels around the world have been getting fatter because of climate change.  The winters are warmer and they have an over abundance of food.  They look so darn adorable though! The final lights still need to come in on the fur but it's so very close to being done.

The other one is the final details of Tomboy (4x6").  A bumble bee was added and little purple flowers.  I think this one will be the next one to be proofed for cards.

I started other wee painting with kitties playing croquet....  so much fun!

Hope you have a relaxing wknd : )

<3 nancy