Week 1 Reflection


(Facial oil featured from Day 7)

 Unfortunately I don't have the exact measurements I put in this, but these are the basic ingredients.  Search google for suggestions on how to make a facial oil to suit your preferences!

  • Avocado Oil (Carrier - should be the majority of mixture)
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Rosehip Oil
  • Either orange, lavender, or jasmine essential oil (I used lavender)

I use 10 drops of this on my face and neck after my toner and before my moisturizer both in the morning and at night!

So reflecting on this past week...

     Well, the novelty of the idea of staying disciplined for 90 days has certainly worn off!  I realize that I love to start things and have bursts of energy for new ideas, but having discipline and "staying power" is not as glamorous! However, I have worked out more, created more, encouraged more, meditated more, had more ideas, and absorbed more information this past week than I have in a looong time.  It's been kind of a shock to my system, which I'm pretty sure is a good thing.

     One thing that definitely challenges me is the fact that I'm putting all these daily practices online for all my peers to see.  On one hand, I get nervous that someone's gonna show up in the comments with all their unsolicited corrections of my humble efforts to live more intentionally.  On the other hand I wonder if anyone in my reach really cares?  One of my biggest insecurities seems to be the question of if I even really matter or if anyone really sees me.  I know in my head that I do, but man does my heart reeeally reject that idea!

     Ultimately though, I need to not give a shit about what anyone else thinks.  I know WHY I'm being open about my journey.  I might get distracted with the analytics of cyberspace, but deep down in my heart it all comes down to reaching that one person.  The one who doesn't think anyone understands. The one who thinks their problems are unlike anyone else's.  The one who feels alone.  Could it be that the reason I'm doing all this is to reach... myself?

Okay... bye!