Week 1 - May 2016 - The Pebble
A Pebble?

A Pebble you ask

So small yet so powerful.

An object that if in ones shoe for too long could create an unbearable pain

To those who are sensitive - could be felt through a pile of mattresses disturbing their slumber and rest.

For David, small small David, an object of faith, which felled Goliath.

Could be the size of a mustard seed

and we all know what a mustard seed holds.

A Pebble so small, yet a powerful plunk in the wave of life.

Watch it drop and view the ripple, the spreading of intent to reach others.

View the motion, the undulating patters, yet please


Intentional or not you will forever create

A RIPPLE      ~ Nikki Bartel 2014

It is MAY! 

Time of birth, growth, new beginnings.

There are those out there who take a bit longer rising out of hibernation and many of those need a little nudge or guidance to exit the cave of slumber.

There was a time when on May Day people would leave baskets of flowers and penny candy hanging on friends or neighbors doorknobs or porches.

Even though I am late and it is now May 3rd. We can still spread the joy and give random gifts/acts of kindness.

"We would hang the baskets on the doorknobs of neighbors—especially old people—ring the door bell, then run away with great hilarity and peek out as the elderly person found the little bouquets on their door"

I like the May basket tradition for a number of reasons:

  1. Giving is anonymous. Reciprocity is not expected. You leave the basket on the doorknob or doorstep, ring the doorbell and run. It's the nice version of "Ding Dong Ditch."
  2. Children give to grownups, instead of the other way around. On almost every other holiday, only the child receives gifts; they don't get to experience the true joy of unselfish giving.  My kids love giving the baskets to the neighbors as much as they enjoy getting candy from them on Halloween. The big part of the excitement has been trying to sneak around undetected.
  3. It doesn't take much to brighten someone's day. One year, we (okay, I) forgot to get anything for May Day but the neighbors were just as happy with our random assortment of goodies from throughout our house, like leftover sparklers from the Fourth of July, an extra packet of colorful paper napkins, lilacs from our back yard, packs of gum, etc.

This week take it upon yourself to create some MayDay cones, tin cans, baskets and randomly leave them on a friends or neighbors porch. Create an Art card with inspiration and joy to help those who may be struggling with the haziness of hibernation. Bring the sun to them!

Create the Ripple!

Best to you!