Week 1 Round-up

Weekly Accountability

Hi, everyone! It's that time again! Weekly updates delivered every Friday! This is the first week of the new year, so everything is all messy as I start to notice all the things I wanted or needed to do before January began and... get to play catch-up. To give you an idea of how well my brain is functioning right now, I almost forgot to write this up at all. I have absolutely no goals set up for January. So, um, I guess I'd better get on that.

Completed Projects

  • 9/9 episodes of The Dragon Prince watched

Goal Updates

  • 1/4 discussions of papers in Asexuality and Sexual Normativity
  • 5,036/10,000 words
  • 1/13 books read

Writing Updates

This Week's Fiction Wordcount: 106 words

This Week's Non-Fiction Wordcount: 4,930 words

DemiPrincess2: Noooope. I have hit the stumbling block of "Must revise these last chapters" and they require Research. (Look, I could keep writing, but chances are I'll have to toss 90% of what I've written if I do.)

Cursed: Hello, incredibly angry protagonist. I have a prologue-y thing now. WHOOHOO! And then my days got eaten by nonfiction.

Life And Other Such Important Matters

Nope. I've got no updates. Nothing. Sorry! Life continues as it has. We're not big on holidays as a family. I'm not big on holidays as a person. Believe it or not, but I'm actually really curmudgeony. Okay, maybe I'm not, but the vast majority of my family consists of extraverts who just expect introverts to Suck It Up because who on Earth needs to recharge in the middle of a ParTAY?

They're nicer people than that makes it sound, I promise. They just aren't very good at accommodating introverts and I'm terrible at being the only person in the group who needs such.

Stand-out Positive Moment

Hello, verse novel! I was worried about this one because I had only the vaguest of ideas and then I woke up, January 2nd, because angry ranty protagonist narrator. I've no idea where exactly this is going other than "Fairytale mash-up? Fairytale mash-up!" The way this will mess up the Fairytale Verses logo is a problem for future!me.

How about you? What have you been up to lately? Has anything awesome happened?