Weekly Accountability

Hi, everyone! It's that time again! Weekly updates delivered every Saturday! And it is... certainly a Saturday. I admit I did not expect 2020 to include a pandemic, but here we are. I'm mostly getting by by doing what I can and otherwise burying my head in the sand.

Completed Projects

None! This week was a bust.

Goal Updates

  • 33% Print edition of Among the Glimmering Flowers
  • 3,400/10,000 words of fiction
  • 6/14 books

Writing Updates

This Week's Fiction Wordcount:

This Week's Non-Fiction Wordcount: 420(ish)

SekritNonfiction: It's editing time (again!) and it's up to the final-final polish and then I get to sit on this a while longer and then I get to talk about it in actual detail and not vagueblogging about it. I'm so excited, though! I sat down with the edits today and partway through the edit I had to stop and go onto Twitter because I, uh, forgot that I was reading my own damned words and spent a minute struggling with the disconnect inherent in "I wish I'd wri-wait, no, I did write that WHO WAS THIS AWESOME PERSON AND HOW DO I GET TO BE THEM MORE OFTEN".

Life And Other Such Important Matters

So, obviously, COVID-19 is... a reality. I'm trying to remain sensible and find a good balance between that and responding to panic. One effect of people panic stockpiling, for example, is that once enough people in an area start doing it, you automatically get dragged into it just in case. And even if you're not hoarding stuff, you might still be buying more than you would otherwise. Me, I wanted to stockpile, sort of, some flour because, let's be real, I'll be using that up anyway and if everyone is panic-buying all the bread, why not have the ingredients on hand?

Except apparently panic buyers also had this idea, which meant the flour was almost gone with no clue or indication when it'd be restocked. Good times! But I have my one extra bag of flour now.

Beyond that... Spring is spring, life goes on, depression and anxiety remain a thing, I am likely going to have to see the GP on Monday about something not pandemic-related, which isn't helping. (Nor is the part where I'm trying to work out of I can go "Please try the thing we did last time" or if I need to go "No, please send me to a specialist because this is clearly ridiculous".

The trend of "I have no idea what I did this week" continues. I... took the dogs for a walk? I went shopping. I worked on dayjob things and being a freelancer get the fun additional part of dealing with being a freelancer at this time. I've spent time feeling sickly. (I'm fine. Just regular seasonal issues.) I'm a bit bummed, to be honest, because this means I'm still struggling with writing and I am just so tired of that struggle. It's such a difficult spiral to get out of. But let's not dwell too much on that. Let's look at good things!

Stand-out Positive Moment

Honestly? I'm going to pick treating myself to a bouquet of peach blossoms. They are very pretty and also the clerk who sold them looked at the one I picked and went "Well, those are look sad and drab. Get another at no cost to liven it up", so then I had two bouquets of peach blossoms! And then I added some hazel branches from the garden, delightfully gnarly, and now I have a bouquet of spring-things livening up my desk area!

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How about you? What have you been up to lately? Has anything awesome happened?

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