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Week #16 - "Let Me Love You Down"
As it turns out, JOY was a really hard prompt for me. Ha! Maybe you would've guessed that. While some people can just charge into a happy concept like this and run with it, all smiles and celebration, that doesn't appear to be how I work. I tend to find truth in combinations of conflicting emotions rather than in a pure, unadulterated state like JOY. To me, JOY by itself can be so abrasive! I think that everything has a shadow side, and it's the acknowledgment of all the different aspects happening concurrently that makes it interesting. For example, some of you might know my song "Somewhere Different Now," which contains the lines "Just to drive feels like passion/ Just to let the wheels roll on/ Engine light keeps on flashing/ Don't know what has gone wrong." This is a good example of a contradictory set of feelings that always strikes me as true to how life is experienced in the moment. But since JOY appears to be triggering for me, I decided that this prompt was handing me an opportunity to try out a simpler and happier idea for a change. So I grabbed the bull by the horns and wrote what can best be called a ditty. I couldn't help but have the joy be an invitation rather than a state (I am who I am). But hey, it still counts. To me, joy most closely resembles love. So, here's a love ditty - musically and lyrically very basic, short-ish, and maybe not my favorite song ever, but mission accomplished and I learned that it can be done. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!