Weekly Accountability

Hi, everyone! It's that time again! Weekly updates delivered every Friday!

Completed Projects

  • Lynn Rambles about... Star Trek: Discovery Season 2

Goal Updates

  • 0/2 essays for May
  • 10/12 books read
  • 2/4 discussions of papers in Asexualities
  • 0% Abstract submission
  • 3,793/10,000 words of fiction written
  • 0/1 video on ace rep in The Bone People

Writing Updates

This Week's Fiction Wordcount: 1,067

This Week's Non-Fiction Wordcount: 1,338

DemiPrincess2: Chapter 11 is done! I hate it, but it's done. Huzzah!

Life And Other Such Important Matters

Whelp, I got the bill for the fainting of the ambulance. It's... nowhere near as bad as the US, but wow. Still more than I was expecting. Eep.

Also with spring in full swing, it's finally time to clean the patio outside and prepare to enjoy the weather there.

Stand-out Positive Moment

The stand-out positive moment for this week is top secret, sorry, so I'll pick something fairly predictable: season 8 of Game of Thrones has started and in a few weeks' time we'll have an ending to the narrative!

Also did I mention I finished chapter 11 of DemiPrincess2?

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How about you? What have you been up to lately? Has anything awesome happened?

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