Week 2: Flowers from Algol, Gallery 74, #48
This is another drawing from the same Gallery as the Week 1 drawing. As you can see, many of the characteristics of the Week 1 image are similar to this image. The background is similar, the basic colors and shapes are similar, etc. This is one of the things I really like about Algorithmic Art: Once the basic algorithm is created, it can produce many similar works in the same style. Many artists have experimented with the concept of creating a series of paintings all done in a similar style with a similar subject matter. Think, for example, of Georgia O'Keefe's flowers or animal skulls and Monet's hay stacks, cathedrals, or lily ponds. In each case, an observer viewing one of these paintings will generally know that it was made by a particular artist. My dream is that some day, someone will see one of my flower paintings and say "that is obviously one of Calloway's flowers". That, I think, is a secret dream of most artists - to have their work recognized as something they created, even when the observer has never seen the particular piece before.