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Week #2: "Where Do We Think We're Going?"
Good evening, kind patron, and welcome to another week of folklore! This week we will focus on the song "Where Do We Think We're Going?" and its related parable, "Oscar's Plan." "Where Do We Think We're Going?" pokes fun at how we often think of time as something we can possess--as if somehow we can take ownership of the condition for our very life! The song centers on the lyric, "Was time really ever yours to spend, to kill, to waste, to fill?" Over a year after he wrote that song, Drew wrote a parable called "Oscar's Plan" that touches on the very same themes. Here we give you the first demo Drew ever made of "Where Do We Think We're Going?" accompanied by "Oscar's Plan," written and spoken by Drew. Enjoy! And we'll have another piece of folklore for you on the 26th. The Orchardist