Week 2's essay!
It's technically 10 minutes late, but I'm extra proud of it.


Here's the deal with everything else regarding Patreon:

Sorry it's taking so long to get the first round of rewards out. From here on out I'll usually try to work on putting those together and delivering them every weekend as I get in the swing of things.

Last week was spring break, which is why I took the leap of launching this Patreon. I spent lots of the break on getting ready and doing things like transferring my web hosting off of my dad's servers and onto my own. Between that, discovering Project M and binge re-watching some of my favorite shows, I didn't do any homework and hardly tried to catch up on sleep. Consequently this week was brutal. Lesson learned—you don't just get a week of burnout-free work and no long recovery.

But, this week also had some very cool moments, i.e. meeting Nobel prize-winning scientist Mario Capecchi and holding an actual Nobel Prize medal in my hands.


Coolest thing I read this week 

And a cool-looking Kickstarter 

Peace out!

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