Week #3: The Evolution of "Break Us"
Greetings, kind patron!

Welcome to Week Three of our Small World Tour and our Patreon campaign. We are especially excited for this week.

"Why is that?" we hear you ask. Well! Quite simply because this week we get to share the story of one of our oldest and most favorite songs: "Break Us."

The funny thing about this song is that there are four of them. In fact, it has accidentally become a tradition to record a new version of "Break Us" every year for the past four years.

Drew wrote the song in 2011 and recorded it with his band in high school. In 2012, they recorded it again for a friend's recording project at MTSU. 2013 came and, newly formed, The Orchardist recorded a demo of "Break Us" in RCA Studio B. Finally, in 2014, we recorded what we sincerely hope to be the very last "Break Us," and this is the version that can be found on our album Dirt on Your Hands.

So this week's folklore consists of three things...

1) written commentaries, one by Drew and another by Janie, on the development of "Break Us"

2) a chronological mash-up of each recording of "Break Us"--it begins with the 2011 version and ends in 2014

3) an mp3 file of each of the four "Break Us"es

My oh my, how this song has grown! We are delighted to share its life with you. We hope these gifts allow you a clearer perspective on all that makes this song what it is.

Thanks for all your love and support,

The Orchardist