Week 35 - Chickens and Changelings
(The above is still very much a work-in-progress! I'm pleased with the process though. It's going to make a MASSIVE walkthrough!)

So this week has been another of those busy-but-feeling-unproductive weeks. Monday-Wednesday were spent with migraines, so work was slow and careful :/ However, I feel the work has been thorough - nothing needs redoing, which makes a nice change!

Progress on Caller's cover goes well, I should see that finished next week, paperback ordered for the final run-through, etc. etc. I'm excited (but nervous, as always) for Caller to go live. It surprises me every time I think about it that I'm only one book away from finishing the quartet. I never thought I'd do it. But I have. It's not been a blazing success but it HAS been great fun! Got some good friends out of it, too ;D

Whoooo gosh gotta actually finish book 4 eeeeep :/  

In other news, progress on my first children's book illustration project has been good. It's an absolute joy to work on and already I'm learning new stuff, about the craft and about myself. And chickens. Soooo much about chickens.

I won't be able to post a lot since it's a commission. I can't spoil it XD But I should be able to share a few sneaks and progress shots here and there.

Just gotta scan some stuff for her and that's my allotted work done for this week!

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