Week 35~ The Four Signs
I'm not gonna lie - this really has been one of the best weeks of my whole life, and for reasons other than just the obvious. Yes, this man has directed some real big movies and plenty of television, but never made a record. And I've made plenty of records but never really been in the director's seat. We're coming together and we're equals and we're really loving what we're creating. Every day has brought new challenges and I'm ever grateful for each of them. I feel like my personal growth has just been exponential these last few months, few weeks, few days. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and so proud of what I've accomplished with it. So many fears to face, and I'm facing them. Indeed, my tummy has finally settled itself out of nerves that were so bad I wondered if I had food poisoning after every meal. I spent some off hours in the hotel fine tuning and recording the song from Christmas when I was too sick to sing and I actually really love it. I was hoping to post from the studio today, but didn't know I couldn't do it with just the phone so I was waiting to get back to the hotel to my laptop and now I can't get it connected to the Internet. So I'm back on my phone letting you know I have not forgotten you in the midst of this beautifully crazy week, and that I'll get you Week 35 song just as soon as I get the technical capabilities up and working. Thank you for believing in me and valuing what I do. You make such a big difference in my life, and you're a part of it more than you know. Blessings from North Hollywood. xo Love, Shawnee