Week 36 report - Faster RenPyWeb

RenPyWeb - Ren'Py in your HTML5 web browser

The focus on upgrading and fixing the compiler eventually paid off, and we got a speed boost! Kudos to the Emscripten team for the great ground work and bearing my past weeks harassment ;)

You can test the result live at renpy.beuc.net .
The gaming experience should feel much smoother, what do you think? :)

Until this is fully streamlined and integrated in the next Ren'Py, sources are available at github.

As a thank you for my supportive patrons, I also prepared an updated SDK available at:
RenPyWeb Early Downloads

Feedback appreciated :)

  • Emscripten: discuss how to improve contribution workflow discuss
  • Emscripten: diagnose issues with new-async technique discuss
  • Emscripten: request and justify ASYNCIFY_WHITELIST wildcard #9381
  • Emscripten: request better debugging support for new-async, direly needed to keep RenPyWeb in shape #9389 
  • Emscripten: rework SDL2 async support + discuss proper integration (cnt'd) #70
  • Emscripten: suggest better structure for ports #8650
  • Emscripten: fix parallel builds with custom ports #9391
  • Emscripten: SDL2_* build errors with local SDL2 port #9402
  • Emscripten: issue with newer version and SINGLE_FILE=1 (for our compression fallback) #9380
  • Emscripten: doc improvement for compiling from sources (useful to test fixes in advance) #9383 
  • RenPyWeb: enable pygame.draw module which was missing (needed for creator-defined displayables)
  • RenPyWeb: add renpyweb-version.txt to help diagnose issues