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Week 39 - Tweak Week!
So, it's true - I didn't get to write any new songs this month, but that's because I was busy arranging the ones I've already written for my new duo Mouths of Babes - oh, and also recording an EP. And moving. So this was a perfect time to record my Tweak Week song - a duo arrangement of a song I wrote back in January or February called "Red Carpet." I ended up editing the first couple verses and the bridge to make an "I" song into a "we" song (it was already "we" in the choruses so now the verses match. I'm just now realizing that it's still 5 minutes long (how'd that happen?), so there may well be another edit, but for now, here's how we've been performing this one on stage. :) By the way, Mouths of Babes' website is and we're on tour right now, so come out and see us!
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