Week 4: Protecting Your Space
 LION’S ROAR The lion shelters her cubs. When she speaks of trespass, it sounds like thunder. The entire jungle backs away.
I am doing the Work that has many names. Some call it personal growth; others call it healing, awakening, recovery, self-realization, coming home… I am following my bliss. Sometimes it feels like going through hell. But I am learning to know and love my Self, to recognize the Light of the Diamond within. It is the most important work there is, because only this way can I be of true benefit to others and to the Earth. It can be a fun and easy journey, and then certain stages can require large portions of courage and vulnerability.
I create around me – and within me – a safe place to go through this process. I uphold my boundaries to protect the space. My changes may confuse or threaten others, but I state my needs clearly and directly, knowing that the Work I am doing truly is for the welfare of all. I focus on the inner voice of wisdom that is beginning come through more plainly. Nothing that the world or my own thoughts tell me will make me question my right to be whole. I will not betray myself. I will awaken, I will choose joy, and open my heart. I will guard – with all graceful fierceness required – the time and space needed for the work of becoming myself.

So that was the card that came up for the upcoming week. It doesn't surprise, because the word "boundaries" has come up recently a few times. Being clear about what we need protects the inner child (week 2's card) and it certainly can feel a bit wild (last week's card) to put your foot down, to say what you really mean. As we grow and change, so do our needs and relationships. Sometimes we have to show our teeth for a moment if subtler messages have gone unheard or ignored. May we proceed this week with "all four" feet on the ground, nurturing our new, tender side, willing to put up a temporary shield for the purpose of entering back out there renewed, clarified, peaceful and strengthened.