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Week 41~ Sister Station
I'm a big fan of Winnie the Pooh, particularly the unbearably sweet and clever book, The Tao of Pooh. Sometimes he gets a good idea, or rather, he humbly suggests that the good idea gets him. That's how I feel this morning - blessed and somewhat giddy that this sweet little number chose me to write it.

It's a big couple weeks for me! I got everything submitted this morning for the new single from the Joss EP. The release date will be March 18th, which is the day before my official SXSW showcase! It's gorgeous, the artwork is gorgeous, the video we're planning to accompany it will be gorgeous. And with the help of Will Wallace on guitar and Daisy O'Connor on that sweet vocal harmony I'm thinking my showcase next weekend could be pretty gorgeous too. (It's at the Departure Lounge on 5th street at 8pm on the 19th :)

I rarely have a good answer when someone asks what a song is about. I can't claim anything other than a watercolor painting of the walls of  my heart, and the ebbs and flows of color that are ever moving within them. I write what I see. I write what I hear, and maybe what I know but more often than not I figure out later what the words meant, and I thank the muse for so generously supplying me with such abundance. I strive to give as generously as she.

I offer you another humble glimpse into my soul. Feel free to poke around.

Love and thanks,


the nails are all rusty

the boards are all cracked

the windows are dusty

I like them like that

I’m running from angels

I’m running from sin

the line will untangle

the boat will come in

I’ll learn to know better

was a time when I did

I’m light as a feather

I take what I get

I’m the getaway kid

I think that I’m happy

I can’t know for sure

things are not how they will be

and not how they were

I’m hoping to find it

a truth I’ll believe

after all of this minding

I’m ready to be

I’ll learn to know better

was a time when I did

I’m light as a feather

I take what I get

I’m the getaway kid

it’s a hard navigation

it’s a yard with a view

it’s the old sister station

that brings me to you

*Photo by Chris Fuller, Ocean Studios Burbank

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