Week 45 Update
Weekly Accountability

Hi, everyone! It's that time again! In honour of NaNoWriMo, we're shifting the weekly round-ups to public posts! Let me know if that works for you! :D

Completed Projects

100% / Sekrit Let's Play Project (aka Thief Gold)

100% / Second completed draft RibbonDancer

Goal Updates

30% / NaNoWriMo survival (see below for progress)

~12% / DemiPrincess2 Draft 1 

0% / DemiPrincess3 Draft 1

Writing Updates

DemiPrincess2: IT HAS BEGUN! And then today I promptly keeled over and got nothing done for unknown reasons. So annoying. But GO ME! Progress is finally being made. I only had to redo, like, half the linguistics in there. It is slow going, though, because I've been struggling with some physical issues too. Nothing serious, but definitely annoying for someone whose main area of work includes "a desk and a computer".


Life And Other Such Important Matters

No changes here, alas. It's good for NaNoWriMo, though. In theory anyway.