Weekly Accountability

Hi, everyone! It's that time again! Weekly updates delivered every Friday!

Completed Projects


Goal Updates

60% / NaNoWriMo survival (see below for progress)

~20% / DemiPrincess2 Draft 1 

0% / DemiPrincess3 Draft 1

Writing Updates

DemiPrincess2: I ran into a bit of a snag in that I need to rework the chapters I've got in order to move on with a cleaner draft overall, but I'm slowly making progress and I think people will really like the effect of the changes.

Life And Other Such Important Matters

Life has decided that this week is all about throwing obstacles my way. You'd think clearing your month to do nothing but write would help, but no apparently not. No changes here either, alas. I'd really hoped to be at least 10K further than I am at this point, but I've surprised myself by still being on track and I couldn't have predicted the need to backtrack.

Hope everyone else's week is going much better! What've you been up to? How have things been going for you?