Week 5 Plan - Sprite Editor
Being a sprite based game, the way I structure sprites is an important part of how I want to do the data structure for the game. Some features I would like to have is the ability to customize the color palette of every aspect of the characters. I’d also like the ability to combine multiple sprites for things like equipment swapping, though I don’t think I’ll implement that for this game. The same feature would be useful for things like swapping hair styles. Some features I’d like to have in my sprite editor is the ability to create a parts sheet which can then be translated into the actual sprite which is then finally translated into the spritesheet which will be animation ready. I’d also like the ability to have collaborative sprite editing. We’ll see how far I get on this endeavor this week, but if it doesn’t pan out then I’ll just go back to working on gameplay mechanics. As for the To Do list, remember the milk’s public list feature didn’t seem to work so now I’m trying toodledo: http://www.toodledo.com/public/td52eca0cc0d793/0/0/list.html